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www.ejee.com--Professional Domain Transaction Platform: It is a comprehensive service platform which combines Domain transaction, Domain purchase, selling Domains, Domain mediation, Domain brokerage, Domain value-added services.

Mailbox: service@ejee.comTelephone: 400-000-2588

www.domain.cn--Network Brand Portal:It was established on August 18th ,2008,which is China's earliest Domain investment community. The number of current website registered members totals about 600000,and the community has more than 20 million valuable domain investment reference datas.

Mailbox: service@domain.cn Forum: forum@domain.cn

www.yiyu.com--Domain Registration Management Platform:It is a Domain Name registratin service organization which is qualified by both ICANN (the Internet corporation for assigned names and Numbers (ICANN) and CNNIC (China Internet network information center).In the spirit of Integrity, Responsibility,Professionality, Sharing, www.yiyu.com will eventually become a shining star in the field of Internet fundamental resources.

Mailbox: service@yiyu.comTelephone: 400-000-3588

www.biwo.com--Domain Name Auction Platform for Reservation and Bidding and Auction: www.biwo.com is a comprehensive website which provides a wide range of domain name services for the domain name investors.Currently it mainly provides domain name registration,domain name reservation, domain name bidding, domain name auction and relative value-added services.

Mailbox: service@biwo.comTelephone: 400-000-3188

www.hiparking.com--Professional Domain Name Parking Platform:It mainly provides value-added services of domain name parking.As long as your domain name flow reaches 2000IP/day,you can apply for the membership of HiParking.

Mailbox: service@hiparking.comTelephone: 010-82617730

www.ipchina.com--Intellectual Property Service Portal:It is a service platform which specialized in Intellectual Property services under Ejee Group Holdings Limited.Being a pioneering Intellectual Property Service platform,it integrates Trademarks, Copyrights,Patents,Information Consultance,Trademark Registration, Trademark Transfering,Patent Transfering and other services.

Mailbox: service@ipchina.com Telephone: 010-82552311

www.passportmanagement.com--Passport Management Services:The site users of all Ejee Group Holdings Limited subsidiaries have access to one-stop signing-in and www.passportmanagement.com is also a solution service provider.

Mailbox: support@ejee-inc.com